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HI everyone, this is mattyramone, your friendly neighborhood moderator! This is a community designed for people to write about their love for their favorite albums. It's as simple as that. Write a one-sentence blurt or a long analysis. Write about what it means to you. But remember, this is not for flawed albums or albums that are "just okay." Five star records all the way. All genres and tastes are welcome. While I will ban anyone for flamebaiting, be prepared to defend your opinions. Have fun, everyone!

Here are the community rules:
*Please try to limit yourself to no more than one or two albums per post. If you post all your favorites the first time around, what are you gonna post about later?
*Please write something about the album itself, whether a critique, a memory associated with the record, or how it's affected your life.
*Pictures are welcome (even encouraged!), but please don't just post a picture and leave it at that. Part of the reason this community was created was for us to share music with other people who may not have heard it, and a picture really do them a lot of good.
*If you disagree with someone's opinion, that's fine, but please be mature about it. Why don't you agree with them? Don't write something like "Pink Floyd? Tey are teh ghey." I'd like this community to remain intelligent and coherent.
*Posters, don't get your panties in a bind if someone doesn't like your choice. Music appreciation is a completely subjective exercise, so please approach it as such.
*Most of all, have fun! Music is the thing that has probably brightened our lives more than anything else, so let's share the love with everyone else (not to sound like a hippy or anything).

Feel free to get in touch with me if there are any problems in the community escaping my attention or if you just want to chat it up about music!

E-mail: mattramone@hotmail.com, matt@racketmag.com
AIM: AnimalOnCommand
MSN: mattramone@hotmail.com

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